Yoga practice methods

The practice method of yoga can concentrate and calm the scattered mind. The practice of yoga first focuses on the physical strength, and then requires the integration of the body and mind, and on this basis, guides the practitioner into the state of supreme perfection. In the process of yoga practice, practitioners gradually deepen their inner spirit, from the outside to the inside, from feeling the spirit, reason, and then to consciousness, and finally grasping the integration of self and inner spirit into one, achieving the unity of nature and man. The way of yoga practice is from the outside to the inside, but the result of the performance is from the inside to the outside. In the process of yoga practice, the practitioners are continuously led into the happy home of the soul. When the practitioner of yoga enters the deepest level in deep meditation, he will awaken the self-nature of life and the perfect state of life, thereby obtaining the combination of individual consciousness and cosmic consciousness, awakening the inner sleeping energy, and obtaining the highest enlightenment and harmony. Maximum pleasure.

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